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What’s a Secret Miracle?

So many girls face obstacles and challenges in life. Those challenges are actually Secret Miracles in disguise. I realized my secret miracle through overcoming the fears I faced as a teen mom. My daughter was and is the best thing that could have ever happened to me because having her forced me to persevere and conquer life in the face of opposition. If we combine our Secret Miracles with our dreams, anything is possible, and there is no limit to our success. We will assist our tweens and teens to overcome any obstacle.

-Dr. LaToya N. Griffin

Founded in 2017, Secret Miracles Unlimited Foundation, Inc. was founded with the belief that any girl can prosper despite her circumstances. Dr. LaToya N. Griffin (affectionately known as “Dr. Toy” dreamed of a Foundation for teen girls at the young age of 19 when her daughter was three years old, which fueled her passion for helping teen girls overcome obstacles and boost their self-esteem.  In 2019, through listening to the community need, tween girls were added to the demographic served (10 – 19).

What We Do.

We encourage determination, self-reliance, structure, willpower, and resilience. We want every tween & teen girl (10-19) to realize that their dream can come true no matter what their circumstances are. We empower, educate, inspire, and nurture them to become leaders through mentorship and philanthropy.

We help tween & teen girls reach their full potential through intensive mentorship programs led by professionals in various fields and guided workshops designed to promote high self-esteem, confidence, and leadership.

We guide them, listen to them, and hear their stories. We serve the community together as philanthropy builds character and if they serve others they will realize no dream should ever be deemed too big or impossible.

Be a part of a movement aiming to transform the lives of tween & teen girls all around the world!

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Our Mission & Vision

3 in 10

*Georgia has the 17th highest teen birth rate in the U.S.

(*Statistics given based on our home location.  However, we service multiple states. We are providing statistics around Teen Pregnancy since this was our Founder’s story/obstacle, but we assist in overcoming any obstacle.)

3 in 10

*Georgia ranks the 4th highest in the country in repeat teen births.

3 in 10

Only 50% of teen mothers receive a high school diploma by 22.

3 in 10

Only 2% of teen mothers finish college.

Parenthood is one of the prevailing reasons for dropping out of school. However, there are other factors that cause it as well.  We know that there is life after baby or any obstacle and we want to inspire tween & teen girls to operate at their full potential no matter their life experience.


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