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All of our programs employ our mission to empower teen girls/teen moms to become leaders™.

Meaningful Experiences

We take the girls through a series of meaningful experiences led by industry leaders who address a variety of issues including, but not limited to, peer pressure, employment, credit, self-esteem, life after baby (if applicable,) and how to live a positive life.

Tackle barriers

We are aware of the barriers that impact a teen girl’s life and we strive to tackle all facets with precise programs to transform their lives.

We serve and educate tween & teen girls by training them with vital life skills through real life experiences via a mentorship and enrichment program. Our program teaches them how to overcome any obstacle and live a productive life. Mentorship includes, but is not limited to, peer pressure, self-esteem issues, etiquette, career readiness, financial literacy, sustaining quality credit, Real Estate, STEM, and Customer Service.

8 Steps To A Miracle

We encourage you to review and select the steps that best fit your needs, program goals, and/or initiatives. We specialize in customizing our program to serve tween and teen girls at every stage.

Step 1:

Why You Are Important And How Philanthropy Builds Character™

  • Introduction of Secret Miracles Unlimited Foundation, Inc. 
  • Why are you important? Your Purpose
  • Making a Difference and Your Social Responsibility

Step 2:

Becoming a Lady: Loving Yourself Inside & Out

  • Appropriate Hygiene, Healthcare, Skincare, & Haircare
  • Respecting Yourself, Maintaining Classy at All Times
  • Etiquette (including Social Media)
  • A Positive Attitude and Ego: Sustaining Happiness

Step 3:

Peer Relationships

  • Peer Pressure, including Bullying
  • Gossip
  • Conflict Resolution

Step 4:


Sexual Health

  • Abstinence, Puberty, & Outcomes
  • Teen Moms: Teen Mom, now what?
  • Parents/Guardians of Teens – Concurrent Workshop: Raising a teen girl

(This step covers an array of topics and will require a separate room/space for Parents/Guardians if they are present with the teens.)

Step 5:

Motivational Goal Setting and Planning

  • The Importance of Staying Focused while Enjoying Your School Days: How to Attain Your Goals
  • Preparing for Your Next Level (Middle to High, High to College or Trade): What is Needed?
  • Your Desire: What do you want to Become; What are you Compassionate About?
  • Professionals in various fields on site 

Step 6:


Career Readiness Skills

  • Job Search & Resume’ Writing
  • Interviewing: Appropriate Attire & Interview Skills
  • Choosing a Career & Why STEM and Customer Service is Important
  • Entrepreneurship: What is it and the Benefits?
  • Leadership: What Does it Mean to Lead?

Step 7:


Financial Literacy

  • Finances & Banking: Overall Understanding & Why Saving and Budgeting is Important
  • Personal Credit & FICO Scores: Why it is Important
  • What is Real Estate? Owning vs. Renting & Learn How to Budget a Household

Step 8:

Domestic Violence Prevention

  • Domestic Dating Do’s & Don’ts
  • Protecting Yourself


Brunch, Trips, Secret Miracles Unlimited Surprise (surprise on a case-by-case basis)

*If a tween or teen goes through the entire program, one of the activities will be their Initial Commencement Activity.  However, the activities occurs throughout the year, as well.  Setting up the entire program is by request only.

*Final Commencement Activity



*If a tween or teen goes through the entire program, they will participate in the final commencement activity.

Mentorship and enrichment is the core of our program and will be available as needed.



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